Panchama Vedam Mahabharatam – Vana Parvam – V


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Continuing the teachings from Vyadha Gita of Vana Parva, the sixth year of the Project Mahabharata explains the process of rediscovering the moral traditions and the lost language of character. By explaining that the rectitude of character is an expression of Dharma, Pujya Swamiji provides a working definition for Dharma that we can imbibe in our lives.

We discover the intricate relation between moral uprightness and Wisdom as Pujya Swamiji helps us revisit our lives in the light of the teachings of Sri Mahabharata.

The discussions on Sensory Pleasure and Self-Control along with the insights of Modern Psychology help us gain clarity about the importance of Penance.

Some of the main topics covered are –

# Am I a Sinner? #Clarity of Thinking #Who is Kushala? #What is Wisdom?# Why do you seek Sensory Pleasure? #Emotional Reasoning #Addiction to Sense Pleasure #Why do I relapse? #Satsanga – the support group #What is Self-Control? #Importance of TapasĀ  #Self-Awareness – an evolutionary aspect #Over-confidence #Habitual Mistakes #Path to Self-fulfillment #Sense Organs – Way to Heaven or Hell? #What is Yoga?…

Sravanam Recommended along with Panchama Vedam Mahabharata- Adi & Sabha parva (45 lectures in 2016), Panchama Vedam Mahabharata- Vana Parva-I (54 lectures in 2017) & Panchama Vedam Mahabharata- Vana Parva-II (52 lectures in 2018) Panchama Vedam Mahabharata- Vana Parva-III (55 lectures in 2019) and Panchama Vedam Mahabharata- Vana Parva-IV (53 lectures in 2020)

Highly recommended for those interested in Vedic teachings and Hindu Religion. This will delight the seekers of Vedanta.