Hanumadrama Samagamam (Prarthana Swaroopam)


Telugu | Talks-4  (mp3 Audio)

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These discourses were delivered by Pujya Acharya Sri Prem Siddharth ji in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA in November 2015.

In these discourses, the beautiful episode of the very first Darshanam of Lord Sri Ramachandra to His devotee Sri Hanuman is taken for study. Pujya Acharya has brought out the most valuable teachings from Sri Ramacharitamanas of Sant Sri Gosvami Tulasi Das ji maharaj.

With the help of Lord Hanuman’s devotion, we can learn the ways to progress in the path of Bhakti. The quality of the mind of a spiritual seeker is profoundly dealt with. The true nature of the Prayer is explicitly taught. Also a few interesting events that happened during the construction of the bridge to Lanka, Sitadevi giving a gift to Hanuman & SriRama’s conversation with Sri Hanuman were also described in the light of Spiritual growth.

Some of the highlights of this series are:

#Blessings in Disguise #Worldly Prayer & Spiritual Prayer  #3 components of a Prayer #Methodology of the Spiritual Prayer #Our relationship with the God

Highly recommended for all.