Instrumental Imaging – A Meditative Sojourn


Telugu | 3-Day Meditation Course (mp3 Audio)

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Our lives are ever entangled in a complex web of people and situations that makes us feel helpless. Our energy is ever exhausted when dealing with the complexities that life presents. This meditation course by Pujya Acharya Sri Prem Siddharth ji is aimed to help you arrive at the composure that is required when we find ourselves dealing with such complications. In these sessions you will discover your inbuilt instruments, their nature and workings through –

  • Instructions on Basic Pranayama methods
  • Guided Meditations to develop awareness and to be focussed on yourself
  • Vedic Teachings that will assist you in accessing those instruments for a purposeful use

These teachings are essential for those who are interested in Vedic teachings, meditations and wish to understand the Vision of Life.

Highly recommended for Meditation Practitioners.