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The text Hastamalakiyam is a rare gem not often dealt with by many due to its highly technical nature. Hastamalakiyam is the reply of a seemingly dumb boy to the question “Who are you?” posed by Sri Adi Sankaracharya. Highly impressed by the atma jnana of the boy, Sri Sankara called him Hastamalaka and made him his disciple.
The words ‘Hastamalaka’ and ‘Karatalamalaka’ are often used in Advaitic literature to denote the clarity of Self knowledge as explained in the scriptures, especially in regard to Aparoksha anubhava. Also known as Hastamalaka stotra, these 12 verses are so succulent in the essence of Advaita that the teacher, Sankara himself choses to write an enlightening commentary on this work of his disciple. In these talks Pujya Acharya systematically reveals the atma-vichara and presents the heart of Hastamalaka.
These lectures demand the utmost attention of the seeker for greater understanding.