Aradhana – Abhayaprapti


Telugu | Talks-4  (mp3 Audio)

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On the occasion of Mahasivaratri 2022, Pujya Acharya Sri Prem Siddharth ji, delivered these discourses based on a Rigveda mantra. Prayer has been introduced to us as a means of communicating with Ishwara even as children. However, we do not know the Vedic instructions on Prayer and Worship. These talks reveal to us the true nature of Aradhana and the many ways that it simultaneously ensures our well-being and accelerates our spiritual growth by bringing us closer to Bhagawan.
Some of the topics that are discussed include the following:

#3-aspects of Aradhana #What thorns prick my heart? #What are tough times? #Why God deserves worship? #What is my weakness? #Being Emotional in Prayer  #5-qualifications to worship? #Benefits of Aradhana

Highly recommended for those interested in Vedic teachings and Hindu Religion. This will delight the seekers of Upanishads and Vedanta.