Upanishad Parichayam


Telugu | Talks-3  (mp3 Audio)

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Pujya Acharya Sri Prem Siddharth ji gave these discourses in commemoration of Guru Pourima 2015 at Vyakhya – the center for Vedanta Studies at Hyderabad.

In these 3 discourses, the entire view of the Upanishadic teaching is revealed in a nutshell. Pujya Acharya uniquely unfolds them with the Pramana from Sruti. The structure of the Introduction is provided with these 5 topics – 1.Student 2.Teacher 3.Subject matter 4.Methodology 5.Benefit

Some of the highlights of this series are:

#Why do many find Vedanta uninteresting? #Quantitative change-Qualitatative change & The purpose of Life¬† #Questions about Brahman #Units of Happiness…

Highly recommended for the beginners & seekers of Upanishads and Vedanta.