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Telugu | Talks-12  (mp3 Audio)

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Throughout the world, Sri Adisankara Bhagavatpada is known for His eminent intellect and depth of analysis. By students of Vedanta, He is revered as a Vedanta Acharya par excellence. Many scriptural texts, including the Prasthana Traya, would have been difficult to comprehend without His commentary. As we benefit from His teachings, we should study the Sri Bhagavatpada’s life to imbibe His qualities and prepare ourselves for embarking on the Spiritual Odyssey He represents.

This discourse series by Pujya Acharya Swamiji provides insights into Sri Adisankaracharya’s life to enable us to better understand the mind of an Acharya and a Jnani and to shape ourselves in accordance with His ideals.
The discourses were delivered in commemoration of Sri Sankara Jayanti in 2022 & 2023

Some important topics covered are:
Why Study Mahatma’s life? #Context to study Mahatma’s life #Qualities to imbibe from studying Sri Bhagavatpada’s life #Belief and TWIG buddhi #5-Aspects of Jnana Avatara #Actual Values vs. Accepted Values #Original Operating Area #Correction & Cure #Meaning of Life #Belief System #Wrong Desire – 2 parts ##Truth & Rest #2 parts of Atma Jnana #Why Lethargy? #What I am? and What I ought to be? #The 5-bodies we possess #What is Deha-atma Buddhi – RAN…

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