Panchama Vedam Mahabharatam - Vana Parvam - I Samatvam Yoga Ucchyate Sri Rukmini Sandesham Panchama Vedam Mahabharatam (Adi & Sabha Parvam( Tasmaat Yogi Bhava Panchama Vedam Mahabharatam - Vana Parvam - II

Collection of Talks

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English Talks-5  CDs-1 : This is a collection of discourses delivered as a part..
Rs 250
English  Talks-2  CDs-1 :  In these two talks given at a satsang in Grand Cayma..
Rs 100
Telugu  Talks-10  CDs-1 :  Pujya Swamiji, in these talks, speaks on the bas..
Rs 300
Telugu  Talks-9  CDs-1 :  This collection of talks delivered by Pujya Acharya d..
Rs 200
Telugu  Talks-2  CDs-1 :  These talks were delivered by Pujya Gurudev while..
Rs 75
Telugu  Talks-1  CDs-1 :  Pujya Acharya addresses the common dilemmas that ..
Rs 50
Telugu  Talks-1 mp3 audio:  At Tiruvannamalai, in one of the retreats, prior to the ..
Rs 50
Telugu  Talks-1  CDs-1 :  This talk explains the real meaning of Bhakti and..
Rs 50
Telugu  Talks-1  CDs-1 :  In this inspiring talk delivered to the training ..
Rs 50
English  Talks-4  CDs-1 :  This unique collection of discourses was delivered b..
Rs 200
English  Talks-5  CDs-1 :  This is a compendium of discourses  deliver..
Rs 250
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