Panchama Vedam Mahabharatam - Vana Parvam - I Samatvam Yoga Ucchyate Sri Rukmini Sandesham Panchama Vedam Mahabharatam (Adi & Sabha Parvam( Tasmaat Yogi Bhava Panchama Vedam Mahabharatam - Vana Parvam - II


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Telugu  Talks-54  CDs-5 :  The words Hinduism and Bhagavadgita always go togeth..
Rs 1,620
Telugu  Talks-38  CDs-5 :  A great teaching of Sage Astavakra to the King Janak..
Rs 1,140
Telugu  Talks-5  CDs-1 : This disk is a collection of discourses on Bhagav..
Rs 250
Telugu  Talks-7  CDs-1 : There prevails a great confusion about the essent..
Rs 250
Telugu  Talks-4  CDs-1 : During Gita Jayanthi 2009, Pujya Gurudev spoke on..
Rs 200
Telugu  Talks-6  CDs-1 :  These six talks were delivered by Pujya Sri Prem ..
Rs 250
Telugu  Talks- 12 CDs-1 : Delivered during Gita Jayanthi 2013, this series of d..
Rs 360
English  Talks-5  CDs-1 :  Pujya Acharya delivered these discourses on Gita..
Rs 250
Telugu  Talks-15  CDs-2 :  "Living consists of two important aspects - Facing t..
Rs 450
Telugu  Talks-16  CDs-2 :  "A disciplined mind is a controlled mind; the contro..
Rs 480
Telugu  Talks-14  CDs-2 :  "Contentment is the Content of Yoga" - Pujya Acharya..
Rs 420
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